The power of teamwork. Working closely with Dentists for improved oral health.

We do our best work in a team environment. Working with Calgary and area Dentists, we always recommend the right procedures to our dental partners to best treat their patients. We believe that good dentistry begins with good communication and we are always available by phone or email to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. Additionally, if you have specific treatment requests (such as leaving one canal free of filling material so that you can later place a post) we appreciate keeping the lines of communication open so that we know either through a referral form or through email exactly what your goals are prior to the treatment date of your patients.

Important information we ask Dentists to provide includes:

  • Concerns about a patient’s medical status
  • Knowledge of patients who have issues with fear, anxiety or claustrophobia (and whether or not anxiolytics have helped in the past)
  • Whether or not the prosthetic work on the tooth in question can be sacrificed.
  • If only a small access opening is made in the coronal part of the tooth, would you like our office to place the restoration or would you like us to refer the patient back to your office. Any restorative work larger than an occlusal filling will be referred back to your office.