Information for Patients – Fees

Complete endodontic exams:

Orthograde Endodontic Treatments:
Range from $1050-1950 depending upon the complexity of the canal,
the number of canals in the tooth (some can have many canals, etc.)

Exploratory Surgery:
$450-695 depending on complexity

Retrograde Endodontic Treatments (surgery):

$1025-$1850 depending on the number of roots treated and includes the cost of the retro fillings (filling placed on each root to seal the canal).

Please note that the treatment fees shown are estimates only. It’s our intention to give you a general idea of the cost for treatment and the final costs may differ depending on your individual needs. In our initial examination we will assess your tooth and give you an actual estimate based on specific treatments for your situation. You will be given treatment options to consider and discuss with family members and/or friends prior to booking treatment.

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