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The following information is required so that we may provide you with the best possible care. All information is strictly private and is protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. The doctor will review all of the questions. Please fill out the entire form. If you need further clarification of any of the questions, please ask a team member or the doctor.

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Heart Disease/Murmur/AnginaPacemakerSwollen AnklesHigh Blood PressureLow Blood PressureHigh CholesterolKidney Disease/Bladder IssuesStomach Issues/UlcerReflux Issues/Ulcerative ColitisBlood Problems/AnemiaLiver Disease/HepatitisBone Disorder/OsteoporosisEating DisorderCancerRadiation or ChemotherapySteroid TherapyLung Condition/Asthma/CoughHeadaches/MigrainesArthritis/Muscle WeaknessStroke/Transient Ischemic AttackDiabetesThyroid ConditionAdrenal Gland IssuesSinus ProblemsSeizures/EpilepsyNeurological ConditionPsychiatric CareDepressionAlcohol DependencyAnxietyHearing Loss/Ear ConditionMalignant HyperthermiaTuberculosis

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Please note that the complete cost of the dental visit will be due on the date of service by Visa, MasterCard or Debit. We do not accept personal cheques or cash. We can assist you by sending your insurance forms to your insurance company on your behalf. Your insurance company will reimburse you directly for the coverage you have with them.