When we perform an endodontic examination we will typically take 1-2 periapical (standard) radiographs; 2 radiographs are taken when different angles are required. If we require a 3 dimensional radiograph, one will be taken at our office with our Planmeca 3D CBCT. Although the general dentist may have informed the patient why they are being referred to Westside, as specialists it’s our job to confirm the diagnosis ourselves and to see if there are any additional issues which may complicate treatment.

Some complications may include: a heavily restored tooth with large posts, nerves in close proximity to the tooth in question, a patient with complicated medical issues which may prevent or limit certain types of treatment, etc.

At Westside, we always start with an examination to limit unexpected complications during treatment so we know how much treatment time will be required. Once the exam is done we will schedule the next appointment and provide the patient with an estimate for the cost of treatment. In cases where the patient is in pain and their medical condition allows it, we will most often try to initiate treatment the same day as the exam. Our priority is to get the patient out of pain as quickly as possible. It is important for dentists to advise us in advance so we can schedule adequate time to initiate treatment.

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