Calgary Root Canal Procedure

Endodontic Treatment

What exactly is a root canal and how long is the procedure? 

Root canals are recommended to clean, shape, and fill the root canal space to eliminate an infection or prevent an infection from developing in your teeth. Teeth that are being root canal treated for the first time will usually be completed in one appointment of 1.5 hours or less.

Here’s what you can expect following Root Canal Treatment: 

  1. Open & Drain Procedure: This is an initial type of treatment used to reduce pressure created by the infection and to relieve pain. You may be prescribed antibiotics if there is facial swelling noted.
  2. Root Canal Treatment: removal of the nerve and cleaning of the canals occurs during this appointment.
    • If there is a significant infection (canals continue to be moist and cannot be dried) or the tooth is symptomatic (painful) a decision may be made to medicate the canals and to finish the root canal procedure at a 2nd treatment appointment. An antibiotic and/or pain medication may be prescribed.
    • When the tooth is no longer painful and the canals can be dried, we will finish the root canal procedure by filling the canals with a rubber material called gutta percha. Then a temporary filling will be placed.
      Calgary Root Canal Procedure
  3. Referral back to your dentist: for placement of the final filling and possibly a post and/or crown.