Root Surgery in Calgary

Sometimes retreating a root canal is not the best treatment for your tooth. The following instances are some examples of why surgery may be best for your tooth:

  • If you have persistent symptoms but no problems appear on your x-ray, your tooth may have a tiny fracture or canal that could not be detected during nonsurgical treatment. In such a case, surgery allows your endodontist to examine the entire root of your tooth, find the problem, and provide treatment.
  • If your tooth has “calcification,” which may make the canal too narrow for regular root canal instruments, your endodontist may perform endodontic surgery to clean and seal the remainder of the canal.
  • Teeth that are restored with long posts or large restorations are sometimes better treated with root surgery, so that we can keep the remaining tooth structure intact. Removal of long posts can result in excessive loss of tooth structure, resulting in a weakened tooth which is more susceptible to fracture.

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